Project Activities

Savemed is tackling the issue of anti-counterfeiting in the medical and pharmaceutical business through an integrated approach including the following:


  • The use of microstructures and nanostructures to create unique coding, marking, and special effects on products and packaging.


  • High speed optical reading and recognition technologies that can be applied in the factory, warehouse, and at distributors.


  • Analysis of the global supply chain for counterfeit drugs, in order to target this in the most effective ways.



Ongoing developments in the marketplace are gradually pushing new requirements for anti-counterfeiting and track & trace on manufacturers and suppliers. Savemed aims to keep ahead of these developments. For example, the technology in Savemed will create verifiable links between the products and primary/secondary packaging.


Savemed aims to minimize any changes necessary in registration for pharmaceutical drugs, and is focused on minimal or zero changes to in-line production processes.

Protecting EU-citizens from counterfeit pharmaceuticals